The Sound of Mountains

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4:30 in the morning, trekking in the open wilderness of the Alps, 2,900 meters above sea level, storm clouds disappearing behind the nearest mountain, the sun rising—these are the moments when Guerel Sahin captures his best outdoor photographs. It is perhaps precisely because they are often shot in extreme situations that Sahin’s breathtaking mountain panoramas, photographs of mountain lakes, and rugged landscapes are such a social media hit. Thousands follow him on Instagram et al., while a wide audience also knows him as the face of Jack Wolfskin. Now, for the first time, he gathers his most awe-inspiring photographs in one volume, sharing insights into his life and work. Where does this longing for untouched, authentic nature come from? How does it feel to reach a mountain summit by sunrise? What if, contrary to expectations, an entire vista is obscured by clouds and photography becomes impossible? In images and words, the acclaimed star photographer shares his own emotional world in a paradigm of “Generation Instagram.” Sahin’s book is for those whom the next mountain peak and open nature cannot be close enough—for all hikers, climbers, and outdoor junkies. Text in English, German and French.

Guerel Sahin is also a brand ambassador and face of Jack Wolfskin, a German producer of outdoor wear and equipment. Thousands of followers celebrate his pictures online. The yearning for authentic nature and the outdoor trekking trend remain as popular as ever