Meet Our Founder

Originally founded in 2015, River Mint Finery is a union of design backgrounds and aesthetics, inspired by years of world travel and a philosophy built on the beauty of handmade craftsmanship, raw materials, and modern design.

Kat left the city thirsty for nature and settled roots in Upstate New York where she is originally from. As a creative entrepreneur, designer, and mother whose personal and professional endeavors have informed her aesthetic point of view. Warm, inviting, minimalism that's translated from her work to her home. For over two decades, Kat has brought her multi-disciplinary design approach to launch numerous products, brands, and lifestyles in the art, home and fashion industries. She worked as Design Director of Decorative Accessories at West Elm and is the co-founder of the luxury home fragrance brand, Night Space.  

River Mint Finery is infused with a heritage of women past and present. When we consider what River Mint Finery is, we think first of the women around us. Strong, loving women, more admired and spirited as they grew older. How they express themselves, today and tomorrow.

Xx. Kat